Every diaper change is a chance to bond

My toddler, Jamie, very rarely sits down. If he’s not sleeping, then he’s on the go. He loves to climb up and down the steps and practice his jumping. Give him a ball and he’ll toss it and chase it until something else catches his eye, and then he’s off again. Keeping up with him is work! I don’t mind it because I love how active he is, but I do miss the snuggles and closeness we used to have before he was so mobile.

“Jamie, can I have a hug?” I ask him all the time. He starts towards me and then, zoom, he’s off in the opposite direction! I’m telling you, this little guy is busy! That’s why I savor any opportunity to have his attention. I love when he starts to get sleepy around his naptime or at night, because he’ll crawl in my lap and let me rub his little face and hair. When we’re in new situations around people he hasn’t met before, I can get a few snuggles in then, too, while he gets used to our surroundings.

I’ve learned to take the mommy and me time wherever I can get it.

A surprising place that I’ve discovered I can get a few moments to bond with my baby is when I’m changing his diaper. He seems to enjoy laying back and having a minute or two to relax. I play little games with him (“stinky feet” is his favorite!), blow raspberries on his belly, and give him kisses—so many kisses. I’m not in a rush for him to be potty-trained just yet, and it has a lot to do with these special few minutes during the day.

What I’ve learned is to hurry the actual diaper changing process so that I have more time for fun. I had my process down, but one thing slowed me down: the diaper rash cream. Once you put the cream on, you have to take the time to wipe it off of your hands. While I’m doing that, Jamie starts to get anxious, wants to get up, and that’s the end of my sweet baby time. But not anymore, thanks to Boogie Bottoms No-Rub Diaper Rash Spray.

Made by the makers of Boogie Wipes, Boogie Bottoms is a game changer!. You guys, it is a SPRAY! That means there’s no need to spend extra time trying to get cream from underneath your fingernails. All you do is spray it! Just like Boogie Wipes, Boogie Bottoms is soothing and made for a baby’s delicate skin.

If you’re a mom of a toddler, I know you understand the importance of trying to prolong this time with my little guy. Any product that’s going to give me more time with my son is a winner in my book! All of these minutes add up. One day, he’ll be off and away, and we won’t have these times. I’m absolutely taking advantage of this time to bond, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Are you like me and looking for more time to bond? Head over to Amazon to purchase the all-new Boogie Bottoms!

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