A Sweet Shop Creation

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Do you love decorating cookies during the holiday season? Ayva and I do. We pull out all the stops with different color sprinkles and go crazy with frosting and anything else we can find to make our cookies shine. We miss cookie decorating during the other times of the year, so I was really delighted when Voortman’s reached out and asked me to share about the Inspired by Voortman Wafer Creation Contest. It’s like a chance to decorate cookies, but without having to wait until Christmas. It’s like the ultimate holiday pregame, especially since you have a chance to win $2500! Deadline for entries is June 13th, so you can think of it as Christmas in June!

Ayva and I invited Terrence to create a wafer creation with us, and the two of them were such a great team that I decided to become the project manager and official photographer while they did the work. They started with an idea to make a lemonade stand, and made a quick sketch of how they wanted it to look. Then they used frosting to create a structure with the Voortman Wafers. The best part was the decorating though. Ayva and Terrence covered Voortman Wafers with frosting and sprinkles and we all marveled at how adorable the stand was turning out.

Inspired by the colors, Ayva thought that it might be a better idea to make a sweet shop. She said the mini marshmallows looked like cakes, and she could use pieces of the Voortman Wafers as plates. My sugarpies got to work making a bunch of little sweets, and they looked really cute. If it was a real sweet shop, I’d totally eat there!

Once the sweet shop was complete, we ooh’ed and aah’ed over it, and I took at least a dozen pictures. Good thing, too, because Ayva decided to add a few additional touches to the sweet shop and bloop…the whole thing tumbled down! We all cracked up, and no one was disappointed because…Voortman Wafer pieces, covered in frosting and sprinkles, ready to be eaten…sounds like a win to me!

Do you want a chance to win? Head over to the Inspired by Voortman site, and enter a structure or a recipe by June 13. Good luck, and I hope you have as much fun as we did!

Thank you to Voortman Wafers for sponsoring this post.
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